Getting small businesses moving in the right direction.

Interested in what Entrepreneurs Forever can do for you?A great place to begin is with Forever Forward. It’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to learn and bond with other small business owners. And with a different small business topic each month, you can visit as many meetings as you like to help make up your mind about joining - and learn new skills!

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2nd Friday of each month.


September topic: Brand Metaphors

You have the passion to run your small business. Now get the foresight. In just 1 hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your current ownership position and what’s holding you back.
  • Visualize where you want your business to be in the years ahead.
  • Describe and work toward creating your ideal team.
  • Start taking steps to get there.
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Who we’re for:

  • Small business owners looking to learn new skills in a real-world environment.
  • Owners interested in the improvement that comes from connecting and sharing experiences.
  • Those looking for an alternative to books, seminars, and other forms of solo learning.
  • Organizations passionate about helping the small businesses in their communities thrive and succeed.
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You’re never alone.

Entrepreneurs Forever helps you connect with other business owners who understand the challenges of business the way friends and family don’t.

Real-life learning.

This isn’t a 12-week program. It’s a way to overcome problems by learning solutions as they happen. Because success isn’t a straight line.

Free for a reason.

Other groups like this are for large businesses. And they’re pricey. Yet most small businesses in America have fewer than ten employees. It’s time you got the same advice. And the same shot at success. Without a huge price tag.

No estás solo

Emprendedores Por siempre te ayuda a conectarte con otros empresarios que entienden los retos de tener su propio negocio.

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Emprendedores Por Siempre es un programa que te ayuda a resolver problemas reales en tu negocio a través de herramientas educativas y soluciones fáciles de implementar.

Un programa gratuito

Nuestro programa es financiado al 100% por organizaciones que desean apoyar a a pequeños y medianos empresarios como tú en sus comunidades.

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