A Dynamic Program to Create Jobs and Bolster Your County's Local Economy

Every county executive bears the responsibility for job growth. Our proven program now gives you a turnkey solution to produce results for your constituents. Plus, thanks to the generous funding efforts of Senator Bob Casey (PA), it’s now available for free.

How it works:

Our program is called Entrepreneurs Forever, and it’s been an engine of growth for thousands of small business throughout the Northeast. We help small business owners teach themselves to succeed. How? By bringing them together to share their experiences, discuss their greatest challenges and create their own solutions through the guidance of a small business expert and empowering lesson plan.

We're Coming to Your Community!

Thanks to an omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden, Entrepreneurs Forever’s parent organization, the Mansmann Foundation, is receiving funding in 2023 through a Congressionally Directed Community Project introduced and supported by Senator Bob Casey (PA).

Entrepreneurs Forever is thrilled to use this funding to make our program available to small business owners across 25 counties free of cost.

Counties Eligible for Our Program.

Small business in these 25 counties now have the opportunity to grow and thrive like never before by engaging with Entrepreneurs Forever!


The Proven Impact of Our Program

After One Year:

The average Entrepreneurs Forever business:

Grew revenue by 31.7%.

Grew owner compensation by

Within 2.9 Years of Joining:

The average Entrepreneurs Forever business:

Grew revenue by 63%.

Grew owner compensation from less than $26K to a minimum of

Grew from 2 to
5.7 staff members.

Hear from one of our real members.

Andrew Ellsworth

Owner of Doors Unhinged / Pittsburgh

How to Start & Get Involved.


Download and Share our Marketing Toolkit

Details of the marketing toolkit go here. And how it can be used to grow small biz in your county.


Reach out to us to take the next step.

Through chat, email, phone etc... we are hear to provide further detail and support for growing small biz in your county.


Refer small businesses that you feel would be a great fit.

Give them the opportunity to refer businesses and biz owners for EF to take the reigns and follow through.

"While the entrepreneur support ecosystem provides abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to receive expert advice, coaching, and technical assistance, Entrepreneurs Forever is the only organization whose sole focus is facilitating connections between entrepreneurs as peers. When an entrepreneur expresses a desire to connect with other entrepreneurs, I know that Entrepreneurs Forever will do a great job stewarding our program participants in whom we invest so much.
Shannon Parris
Director of 7 Pillars of Sustainable Business™ | Omicelo Cares
"After five years of executing the program we know that it works!
AJ Drexler
CEO | Entrepreneurs Forever

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