April 3, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever April 2023 Newsletter

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Remember Ed Koch, New York City's Mayor in the 80's who used to famously stand on street corners and subway station platforms and ask "How am I doing?"  Was he really looking for feedback or was it just swagger?  Relevance? This is the month we ask our Entrepreneurs Forever members to report on "how they're doing."  We ask members to complete an annual results form every April so we can gauge your success and make sure we are doing all we can to support you in those efforts. When you get this request, please take the few minutes to fill it out!But even if we didn't ask you to complete a form, it is always worthwhile to check in on your business and assess your results. This is more than just filing your taxes. We encourage you to dig in to your numbers and make sure you are on track with your goals and if not, give them some extra focus and attention to get on track.  Bring them to your monthly peer group and aim for even better results next year!

April 14 / Forever Forward

Elevator Pitch: Are you telling your business story as effectively as possible?  Get tips, coaching and practice in this quick workshop format!

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April 24 / Deep Dive

When your family & friends work in your business....
How can you manage your business and navigate these complicated relationships?Register Now!

Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) Help Your Business?AI Wrote This!  (using a program called Anyword)Small retail and service businesses can get a lot of benefit from using Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI helps automate processes so business owners can save time, save money, and increase productivity.AI can help in marketing by tracking customer buying patterns, giving personalised offers, and even running marketing campaigns.AI can help automate inventory management, providing information on demand, tracking purchasing behaviour and predicting demand.AI can help to improve customer service. AI can answer customers’ questions quickly, can recognise when customers are unhappy, and can send special offers to increase satisfaction. AI chatbots can provide 24/7 support and help to automate simple tasks like appointment setting or delivery times.In addition, AI can be used for process optimisation and forecasting, improving forecasting accuracy and optimising decisions such as labour planning or financial forecasting. It can be used to quickly find solutions and gain insights from data and make faster and better decisions.AI also can be used for security and risk management. AI can detect fraud in a faster and more efficient way than human labor and can also monitor for any malicious behaviour.In summary, small retail and service businesses can use AI for improved efficiency and effectiveness in marketing, customer service, process optimisation, forecasting, security and risk management. By using AI, business owners can save time, save money, and increase productivity.Editors Note: It is accurate but kind of wordy, jargony, and maybe not very insightful but it did deliver the article with very little effort. Interesting!

Do your employees need technical training?If your business is located in Pennsylvania, you might be able to take advantage of WEDNet PA, a generous state program that pays for training your employees. This covers many subjects, from safety (fall prevention) to operations and sales like ecommerce. Check out the list here.

(this program is not associated with us, just passing on this useful information)

I benefit from the thought-provoking exercises that help me look at my business from a higher view....and from hearing how others approach their business during these exercises. - Member in Buffalo, New York


February 13, 2024

Cape Cod Entrepreneurs Peer Group

Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation Awards $60K to Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation to Support Local Entrepreneurs

November 8, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever November 2023 Newsletter

November's peer group meetings will mark the last for Entrepreneurs Forever as facilitator Andrea Fitting makes her next pivot. Thank you, Andrea!

September 23, 2023

Entrepreneur group expands into Mon Valley

Entrepreneurs Forever kicked off its southwest expansion efforts in the Mon Valley


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