February 8, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever February 2023 Newsletter

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Watch us grow!

We are planning for historic growth in 2023.  We are thrilled to be included as part of the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden in December. We'll receive funding through a Congressionally Directed Community Project introduced and supported by Pennsylvania's US Senator Bob Casey.  Adding that to the funds we are receiving from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation and it totals over $1.5 million which will give us the opportunity to serve up to 300 new members of our groups in the coming year.

We've been getting ready for this expansion by building our operational infrastructure, hiring new staff, making technology improvements, and expanding our offerings on the topics most requested by our current members. Now, we're more ready than ever to make an impact on a larger scale.

These funders agree with our basic premise: small businesses require support beyond the start-up stage. So many owners get stuck at a low revenue level to support their communities and sustain their families, and we exist to change that!  Our data shows that, on average, businesses participating in an Entrepreneurs Forever peer group grow their revenue by 31.7% in the program's first year and by 63% as they finish their third. At the same time, their owner’s compensation is nearly doubling!

We can't wait to start this exciting new phase of our work!

A.J .Drexler
CEO of Entrepreneurs Forever


Are you paying yourself?

Owner's Compensation Untangled.  Should you?  How to?  Learn and ask questions on Monday, Feb 27th.

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What's in your Revenue Mix?

Our February 10th Forever Forward will push you to look at what you sell and how profitable it is!

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Join us for a lively panel discussion!

Hiring and Firing and Retention.  Oh my.  So many of our members have told us about the difficulties of finding, hiring, and managing employees that we've created a special roundtable discussion with members across different groups and industries to talk to us about what's working.

All are welcome!

Wednesday, February 22

Live simulcast on Facebook!

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Retirement Savings for your employees...Secure 2.0

President Biden signed a new piece of legislation at the end of 2022 that could make it easier and more affordable for you to offer retirement plans for your employees. Check out the details of Secure 2.0 legislation and check with your financial advisor and/or accountant to see if any of this applies to your situation.  Here's a

pretty good summary from Forbes if you want a bit more detail.

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September 5, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever September 2023 Newsletter

Get to Know Our Spanish Group and New Facilitators

August 27, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever CEO, AJ Drexler featured on KDKA Sunday Business Page

KDKA's Jon Delano talks with AJ Drexler, the CEO of Entrepreneurs Forever

July 13, 2023

Entrepreneur Group to Launch Small Business Program

The Derrick announces Entrepreneurs Forever small business program launch in northwest Pennsylvania


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