March 17, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever March 2023 Newsletter

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As the world celebrates women this month, we want to acknowledge all the amazing women who make Entrepreneurs Forever the strong and resilient organization it is. Our management team is led by our CEO, AJ Drexler; our full-time staff is 60% women; 70% of our facilitators are women, and most of our Board is female, too! Our latest survey shows that 67% of our members are female. This all makes sense when you see the bigger picture of women in entrepreneurship. Small business startups by women have flourished in the last few years, particularly as women took back their power during the Covid pandemic and decided to be more proactive about how they live their lives and envision their future. We are so proud to empower women to achieve success, this month and every month!Upcoming Virtual Events---all are welcome!

Financial Firewall:
Friday March 10 at 8:30am
Are you keeping your personal and business expenses separated? Join us for this online workshop to get on track with your record-keeping.Register Now!

Bring Your Sales Challenge:
Monday, March 20 at 4pm
Guest presenter Stephen Warley will run this free-form Deep Dive where we'll discuss your real life sales issues and problem-solve together!Register Now!

Entrepreneurs Forever is forming new groups in the Pittsburgh area thanks to a generous Henry L. Hillman Foundation grant.Please share the following link: with other business owners that might benefit from our program, or e-mail Connor at for more details. We have limited seats, so apply now!

Nothing beats time
together as a team!
For our annual planning meeting in January, the Entrepreneurs Forever team gathered at a giant rental house in Seven Springs (ask our CFO Jay about the skiing, or making pizza in the snow). We're sharing a few of the photos here as we were reminded about the incalculable value of spending quality time with your peers. For many small business owners, that time is hard to come by. Even if you can't get away to the mountains, we hope you're inspired to grab dinner with your business "bestie," get out for a fun activity with your employees, or ask a member of your Entrepreneurs Forever peer group out for coffee. None of us have to feel alone in our work!

Some consumer-facing businesses are going cashless and accepting digital payments only. Used to be, some places would offer a discount for paying in cash to save credit card fees. Now some companies have decided that those fees (usually around 2% of a transaction) are minimal compared to the cost of handling cash. Sweetgreen, the salad chain, tried going completely cashless. They found that not only did they save hassle and cost by no longer taking cash, but they also sped up service by 15% by not creating a logjam at the register. Ironically, there was a backlash and they are now taking cash again, but they still try to encourage card usage by tying it into their own app and loyalty program and offering discounts to lure repeat business. It will be interesting to see how this all develops!


February 13, 2024

Cape Cod Entrepreneurs Peer Group

Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation Awards $60K to Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation to Support Local Entrepreneurs

November 8, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever November 2023 Newsletter

November's peer group meetings will mark the last for Entrepreneurs Forever as facilitator Andrea Fitting makes her next pivot. Thank you, Andrea!

September 23, 2023

Entrepreneur group expands into Mon Valley

Entrepreneurs Forever kicked off its southwest expansion efforts in the Mon Valley


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