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The best small business teachers are other small business owners.

We bring small business owners together to share their hard-earned experiences and overcome challenges by building solutions through our custom curriculum. So, you’ll never feel lonely again.

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You're in good

About 80% of all U.S. small businesses only have one employee: the owner. Know how many learning resources are focused on them? Zero. Until now. We’re helping hundreds of owners earn a real living.

Below are just some of them.


You learn things by talking with other small business owners, right? That’s because no textbook can teach what you experience every day. Now, what if those owners came together, shared their biggest challenges and created solutions with the help of a small business expert? Then you’d have answers to the problems holding you back right now.

That’s Entrepreneurs Forever.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple.

  1. Apply to become a member.
  2. Get matched with a small group of owners in your area. (No competitors allowed!)
  3. Meet online for 2 hours each month with your peer group and expert facilitator.
  4. Share your most pressing challenges.
    (Chances are another member has them, too.)
  5. Build solutions in real time and learn how to successfully run a small business with the help of our custom curriculum.
  6. Feel really good that you’re not alone.
    (And that you know more than you think!)

What can Entrepreneurs Forever do for you?

in member revenue
after the first year.
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after the first year.
in member revenue
after 2.9 years.
A lot more
After every session, our members feel a whole lot better about themselves.

(And that counts for a lot!)

How much does
Forever cost?

It’ll cost your time (2 hours per month plus some homework.) It’ll cost your commitment (the more you share, the more you learn.) But it will not cost you money. Our Allegheny County, PA program is fully funded by the generosity of the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

How much time
does it take?

Our owner groups meet for 2 hours each month. Plus, you'll need to put in a few hours on assignments. That's it. Because running a small business already takes enough of your time.

Hear from our

Andrew and Samantha got into small business.
Then they got the success they deserved by joining
Entrepreneurs Forever.

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