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The team at Entrepreneurs Forever is excited to welcome you to our Peer Group program. Your upcoming orientation will be a lively, interactive session that connects you with other business owners, gives you a taste of the Peer Group experience, and launches you on a journey to making your business dreams come true—with a little help from your new friends!

We know your time is valuable, and we take pride in providing an experience that other business owners have described as “fun,” “awesome,” and “really awesome.”In all seriousness, we’re confident you will leave this session feeling encouraged and motivated about the future of your business. And, there will be time for any questions you may have, so you’ll also leave knowing whether our peer group program is a commitment you’re ready to make.

What will you need?
- A pen or marker.
- A piece of blank paper.
- An open mind and the willingness to participate!

Are you ready to get started? We can't wait to join you every step of the way!


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