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There’s so much buzz about Artificial Intelligence and as a small business owner, you may think “that doesn’t apply to me.”  Not so!

AI is no longer the sole domain of large or high technology companies. Over 30% of small businesses have already figured out how to use AI to perform various business functions!


This Deep Dive, presented by Brian Slawin, an innovator with a passion for entrepreneurs, will show us more than a dozen ways that companies can use Generative AI in their everyday business operations— without spending a lot! The presentation and Q&A session will focus on how to use Generative AI to create efficiencies and advantages and to enhance your market timing, speed to market and other simple and easy-to-accomplish methods to boost customer acquisition.

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high-technologyMonday, April 15, 2024 at 4pm ES

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Check out our Deep Dive Webinar Gallery

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