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Research, experience and feedback from small business owners like you have helped us develop our 3-Year Competency Model. It covers the seven critical goals small business owners need to internalize to achieve significant growth. They may seem like common sense. And you're right. But small business success hinges upon learning and understanding the fundamentals. And here, you'll do both!

How it works


People learn best at a steady pace over time, not in crash courses crammed with information. That’s why our peer groups meet with their facilitators for two hours every month across the span of three years. Research shows that’s the perfect bite-sized cadence for owners like you to learn, internalize and implement the solutions you need to succeed. (Oh yeah, and have the time to run a small business, too.)


Do you clearly see where your business is and where it’s going?


Let’s make things like profit and loss statements your best friend.Not your enemy.


No matter your small businesses, the greatest thing you’ll ever make is a profit. And that starts here.


You’re the greatest talent your business will ever have. So, let’s figure out how to pay you fairly, then decide if future growth means more hires.


Consistency is key to small business success. Here, you’ll learn how to put the processes in place that will make your business a well-oiled machine.


You need to focus on today, but plan for the future. Here, you’ll understand how to build and implement a plan for future growth.

The magic of each meeting

Just like the small business owners that regularly attend them, each Entrepreneurs Forever peer group meeting is different. They start with members opening their lives, not books, and reviewing their business challenges over past 30 days. This helps the facilitator understand where the group needs the most assistance, so she can customize the hands-on learning exercises to meet their needs.

Why it works.

Motivation is critical to success in anything. But it’s especially critical to small business owners. Everything Entrepreneurs Forever does is based upon using Self-Determination to deliver the results that will keep you excited and engaged with your small business.


You made the choice to start a small business. And it was the right choice!


There are important people who help and support your journey of small business ownership.


You’ve moved beyond self-doubt because now you understand the critical steps it takes to run a small business. And you have the results to prove it!

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