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When small business owners succeed, we all succeed

Small business is the engine that helps families thrive, communities grow and creates new suppliers for the marketplace. That’s why chambers of commerce, community revitalization programs, business accelerators and corporations are partnering with Entrepreneurs Forever. Because small business success is their success, too.

Designed to deliver results.

While manufacturing jobs have steadily declined across the nation, the number of small businesses have experienced a precipitous rise. Therefore, many organizations are dedicating their efforts to helping the latter grow and reach their potential of becoming family sustaining, community supporting small businesses.

If you're an organization that believes helping diverse and/or minority-owned small businesses thrive is key to our country's economic prosperity and want to positively impact many small businesses, then our National Sponsorship partnership program is for you.

Here's what you can expect:

Customized to Meet Your Goals

Recruitment of members into your sponsored Entrepreneurs Forever peer groups to achieve goals such as: developing minority or women-owned small businesses, growing small businesses within a given category or revenue level, growing small businesses to become new suppliers and more.

Your Choice of Recruitment Methods

Your organization will define the types of small businesses you seek to grow. We'll then align our outreach plan to potential members using your messaging and outreach goals.

Digital Portal

Your members, customers or target small business owners will get direct access to the program through a digital portal and landing page powered by Entrepreneurs Forever but branded to your organization.

Discovery Session

Upon qualifying via a simple application, each prospective member participates in a 1 - 2 hour facilitated peer experience to help assess their fit prior to joining. If they are a match, they will be paired with the appropriate peer group.

Expert Business Facilitator

Every peer group is composed of 10 - 12 growth-minded small businesses led by a small business facilitator carefully trained to help members build deep bonds over time.

Visionary Curriculum

You'll receive a 3-year competency program designed specifically for peer-to-peer interaction that builds both skills and confidence. An ongoing scorecard tracks group progress.

Comprehensive Tracking & Reporting

Member satisfaction and business progress are carefully measured over time, from weekly NPS and C-SAT assessments, to quarterly competency scorecards and annual business results data.

How to

Get Started

Lead the way by bringing the demonstrated results of the Entrepreneurs Forever program and partners with us to support local or minority-owned businesses across your corporate footprint. Request an introductory meeting.

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