Real-life lessons.
Real-world successes.

There’s an endless list of small business courses and books. But things aren’t so tidy in the real-world. That’s where Entrepreneurs Forever fits in. Each of our peer groups is comprised of a diverse set of non-competing small business owners. Working with an experienced facilitator, they discuss the challenges they all face right now, develop solutions they can use tomorrow and build ever-stronger ownership skills.

The Power
of people
just like you.

Know what happens when you share your small business experiences with other owners? You discover that you know a lot more than you think. Plus, you find out that everyone is facing many of the same challenges. So, a solution for another owner is also an answer for you.

Stepping into success.

Improving your business may seem overwhelming. But the steps to getting you there are not. That’s the benefit of our 3-year Competency Model. It’s a flexible approach that engages the owners in each group with interactive activities focused on their needs. With each bite-sized step, you’ll feel more confident and competent. And that’s the ultimate key to success.

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A safe space
to share.

Owning a small business is lonely. Family and friends don’t get the pressures you face. But other small business owners do. That makes your Entrepreneurs Forever group the one place where you can speak honestly about the emotional rollercoaster called ownership. Before you know it, the support you get - and give - will make a huge difference!

100% free
for you.

You won’t pay a dime for the many benefits of Entrepreneurs Forever. Why? Because our program is fully funded by organizations and individuals who care about the success of your business and the community you call home.

for our program.

The drive to succeed. The willingness to give and receive advice from owners just like you. In many ways you already qualify. Check these boxes, and you’re ready to go:

  • Been in business for at least one year

  • Have a minimum of $30K in gross revenue

  • Work in your business full time

There's only one thing missing at Entrepreneurs Forever.

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