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Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is called Entrepreneurs Forever, and it’s been an engine of growth for thousands of small businesses. We bring owners together to bond, learn and get real about what it takes to build a thriving small business. This takes the form of small, long-term groups with business owners that, over time, build familiarity and trust. Such a structure empowers them to openly share their experiences, discuss challenges and create solutions with the help of a knowledgeable facilitator and flexible lesson plan.

What is “peer-to-peer” learning? 

Unlike a teacher-student classroom setting, peer-to-peer learning allows members to freely share their small business challenges with each other so that the group can create collective solutions and, in the process, learn critical small business fundamentals.

Are member meetings in-person? 

No. Monthly member meetings are online so that owners can join directly from their small businesses or any other convenient location with a wi-fi connection.

How long do member meetings take?

Member meetings take two hours.

How many times do member meetings  happen each month?

Member meetings occur once per month.

What’s the role of the group facilitator?

Each group facilitator is an experienced small business professional. However, their role is to draw the wisdom out of the group so that members develop the solutions to their own unique challenges.

How much does Entrepreneurs Forever cost?

Thanks to the funding of partners dedicated to the growth of small businesses, our program is free for members.

How long does it take to complete the  program?

To bond with other owners in your group and get the most out of the program, it takes about 3 years. However, most members start seeing dramatic improvement in their businesses after the first year.

What does it take to qualify for  Entrepreneurs Forever? 

To qualify for our group program, you must have accomplished the following milestones. (If you don't meet them, don't hesitate to reach out for information about additional programs):
1. Have been in business for at least one year
2. Have annual gross revenue between $30K and $1MM
3. Work in your business full-time

Does Entrepreneurs Forever require a textbook?

No. Members rely on sharing their experiences and  the guidance of the group facilitator to learn. There are no textbooks. Additionally, each member receives access  to Entrepreneurs Forever’s online member portal to  conduct monthly meetings, receive and share  assignments, track their progress, contact other members  and their facilitator, etc.

What are some of the intangible benefits  of a peer group?

Running a small business can be lonely. And that loneliness can erode confidence, hinder learning and damage results. Sharing and bonding over their experiences doesn’t just help owners learn about business, it provides them with a critical safety net to share their thoughts and concerns with others who deeply understand what they're going through.

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