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You may never have thought about your business having its own lifecycle, with predictable milestones and growing pains…but it does! Understanding where your business is and what to expect at different phases can bring about a huge shift in how you think about your operations and growth. Entrepreneurs Forever’s Vice President of Programming, Katie Outon McMahon will walk through the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle and help you figure out how to use these insights to have a more successful enterprise!

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Friday, February 9th at 8:30 am ET

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August 9, 2024

August Forever Forward: Great Sales Conversations

You got the phone call, appointment, or even the meeting with that decision maker. So how do you maximize this opportunity to your advantage? Greg Russak, the Conscientious Capitalist, explains how a consultative sales conversation will makes all the difference and how to ensure you have one. In this jam-packed, hands-on workshop, you'll work on your business in real-time. Whether you're in a service business or transactional sales, you'll benefit from this month's Forever Forward!

July 22, 2024

July Deep Dive: If you have employees, you need an employee handbook!

If you have employees, you need an employee handbook!

July 12, 2024

July Forever Forward: Does Your Business Really Need Customer Relationship Software?

As your business grows, you might wonder if you should use a Customer Relationship Management–CRM system. Some owners swear by them, but how do you choose one? How complicated is it to implement one and get your whole staff using it?

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