Free Zoom Webinar: How to use Social Media to Drive Business Without Letting it Drive You Crazy

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In today's digitally-connected world, social media poses challenges for every business owner. Are you utilizing the right channels? Is your content engaging and tailored to your target audience? How often should you post? Should you handle it in-house or outsource? And how can you measure the return on investment?

Learn from some of our peer group members who have successfully tackled these challenges, leveraging social media channels to drive tangible revenue and profits. We invite you to join facilitators Andrea Fitting and Deborah Gallant for an interactive Members Roundtable, where we can all learn from one another, exchange war stories, and share practical ideas.

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Gillian Preston - Broken Plates

Shawna Solomon - Shawna Solomon and Associates 

Charlie Nadler - Laugh Dealers

Luciana Calvin - Lucana Calvin Photography

Get to know our Panelists:

Gillian Preston - Broken Plates

Gillian, the glass artist behind Broken Plates, has successfully combined traditional blown glass techniques with modern CNC technologies. By sharing her processes, inspirations, and products on her personal Facebook page and later on Instagram, she witnessed remarkable growth. With 80K followers on Instagram and 64K followers on TikTok, her website visits surged by 3,000%, resulting in a 730% increase in online retail sales. Gillian is eager to share her expertise on creating viral content and building an online audience.

Shawna Solomon - Shawna Solomon and Associates 

Shawna leveraged the TikTok and Instagram platforms to enhance the online presence and establish a credible brand identity for micro small businesses. Her strategic approach led to impressive six-figure revenue growth.

Charlie Nadler - Laugh Dealers

Charlie built a successful series of stand-up comedy shows in North County without any ad purchases, relying solely on organic content across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. His largest sellout event to date attracted 210 attendees in Adams, MA.

Luciana Calvin - Luciana Calvin Photography

Luciana established a thriving photography business through strategic use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Her organic content approach allowed her to attract a loyal following and achieve successful sellout events.

Learn how these small business owners used social media effectively

During this Members Roundtable, our panelists will divulge the secrets behind their social media success and share actionable tips that any small business owner can implement.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from our panelists and fellow Entrepreneurs Forever members!

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