December 8, 2023

Entrepreneurs Forever December Newsletter

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The E-Ward Celebration Reflects on Our Peer Groups, Successes, and What’s Next for Our Post 3-Year Members

When I first joined, I was unsure if E-Forever would be useful since almost no one in my pod was in the same industry as me. However, over the past three years I realized how wonderful it is to be able to talk to other entrepreneurs whose businesses are in a similar part of their lifecycle to mine.

⏤ Jordan Robarge, Revival Chili

To any business owner who’s on the fence about joining Entrepreneurs Forever, be like Nike and just do it! You won't regret it. The relationships & networking alone are worth it. All the information given is like hitting the lottery for your business.

⏤ Shawna Solomon, Shawna Solomon & Associates

Being able to use your facilitator and cohort members as a sounding board has been invaluable. Being able to pick someone’s brain and figure out the best solution to overcome your challenges saves everyone time, energy, and builds camaraderie amongst the members.

⏤ Mike Skubovius, Skubo Creative

Having a group of fellow business owners providing insights, holding you accountable, and simply cheering you on has made me more resilient and resourceful. My peer group also supported me as I took on part-ownership of another business, something I never could have dreamed of before joining Entrepreneurs Forever.

Kevin Murphy, Greenshaw Consulting

We’re officially celebrating our longest tenured Entrepreneurs Forever members! The “E-ward” ceremony on December 6 in our Pittsburgh office honored their successes, contributions, and growth, and provided a preview of what’s next on their radar and ours.

More than 50 Pittsburgh-area business owners have dedicated three years or more to growing their businesses in an Entrepreneurs Forever peer group — some as long as seven years!

When these entrepreneurs first joined our program, membership was open-ended. Now that we have structured the program in three-year increments, each E-wardee will choose which adventure is right for them next: reapplying and remaining active as a Forever+ peer group member for another few years, or transitioning to E-lumni status: still a part of our community but without the monthly peer group commitment.

Regardless of which path these business owners choose, we’re proud of their resilience and look forward to cheering them on and supporting their business journeys for years to come.

If you’re a long-term member wondering what’s next for you, please click here

Congratulations Ewardees!

Kelly Bender, Thrive on Health

AJ Betta, Betta IT Solutions

Daniel Santoro, Santoro's Pizzeria Italiano

Brittany Barnicott, On Mission Media

Lisa Parker, On The Rocks Designs

Archie Carpenter, AC Photography

Matt Kissane, Excel Signworks

Chris Rojik, Frame Gallery

Stacey Barlow-Hill, Encore Event Design

Ilana Schwarcz, Family Spinner

Claudy Pierre, Eminent Hospitality

Dianne Shenk, Dylamato's Market

Laura Totin-Codori, Worm Return LLC

Andrew Ellsworth, Doors Unhinged

Tricia Brancolini-Foley, Handmade Arcade

James Carter, Books & Balances

Cindy Underwood, Ambit Energy

Gary Britcher, Steel City Energy Conservation LLC

Paula Franetti, Rebound Planner

Jerry Gaudi, Impact Redevelopment

Gabrielle Haywood, Virginia Dere Swimwear

Rhonda White, Wallflower Frames

Gerrod Winston, Winston Design + Development

Amy Garbark, Garbella Designs

Kirsten Lowe Rebel, Klorebel Art Co.

Carrie Parker, Sorcery Science

Gillian Preston, Broken Plates

Liz Sabol, Liz Sabol Jewelry Art

Lindsay Schmittle, Gingerly Press

Jessica Graves, Una Biologicals

Jonathan Kelly, Kelly Insurance

Claire Schuchman, Exceptional Gardens

Chris Crytzer, Crytzer Communication

Leeann Stromyer, Leeann K Photography

David Work, The Exercise Coach

Joshua Sager, Viable Industries LLC

Kevin Murphy, Greenshaw Consulting LLC

Anita Russell, The Place To Soar

Kyle Knapp, Viterium LLC

Jennifer Verdun, Magnolia Bough Jewelry & Gifts LLC

Carrie Nardini, I Made It Market & The Neighborhood Flea

Mike Skubovius, Skubo Creative

Brian Thomas, BT Consulting Service

Heather Hopson, Motor Mouth Multimedia

Diana Lowe, Humbly At Your Service LLC

Sharise Nance, Vitamin C Healing / Hand In Hand Counseling

Shawna Solomon, Shawna Solomon & Associates

Shannon Gregg, Cloud Adoption Solutions

Emily Mercurio, Civic Mapper

Katie Heldstab, Leona's LLC

Debbie Jacknin, Songbird Artistry

Latoya Johnson-Rainey, A Hair Boutique

Jordan Robarge, Nancy's Revival/ Revival Chili

Ivette Mongalo, Mongalo-Winston Consulting Co.

Terina Hicks, Cobblerworld

Donald Robinson, Global Human Performance

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Our Referral Contest Winner Is …

Congratulations Maria Kretschmann, Owner of After The Fall Cider! Maria was selected as our winner in the Entrepreneurs Forever refer-a-business drawing. Maria’s prize: a $250 gift card.

Maria is the first of two winners in our referral drawing. The second winner will be selected next month from members whose referred business becomes an Entrepreneurs Forever member by January 5, 2024.

Thanks to everyone who referred a business!

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COMING IN Q1 2024!! We’ve cooked up big plans for the new year! Watch for hands-on Deep Dives, essential Forever Forwards, and member-driven In Good Company roundtable discussions to get the scoop on:

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  • securing business funding
  • creating repeatable sales processes

All Deep Dives and Forever Forwards are open to the public. Attend live and ask questions too.

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