Celebrating Women! How Jackie Rodgers Went from Nanny to Owner.

Gaining the confidence and support to reach her biggest goals ... and set new ones too.

Accountability has its benefits. That’s the way Jackie Rodgers, owner of Sett, a nanny finding, hiring, and coaching service, sees it. And when she talks about her experience in Entrepreneurs Forever, “accountability” is the very first thing she mentions.

“Every month, we’re looking at goals. And then we’re reporting back to our group on those goals. One of my big initiatives over this last year was implementing an on-demand training platform for nannies and daycare workers. Because of that accountability, I launched it this past month,” says Jackie.

Sett nannies owned by Jackie Rodgers

Jackie started her business in September 2021 after working as a nanny while in college and later in corporate training. In addition to matching nannies to families, Sett also trains nannies to help the children they work with develop self-confidence and growth mindsets. That’s Jackie’s favorite part of the business. But it’s the part she didn’t have much time for before joining Entrepreneurs Forever.

“It’s easy to lose momentum as a business owner,” she says, looking back. “As an entrepreneur, you're trying to do so many different things. Personally, I felt sort of stuck. I had figured out how to bring in some cash flow with the nanny recruiting and matching, but how do I get to this next level? Without my peer group, that’s where I’d still be.”

Today, Jackie’s business is growing and thriving. While she is still a solo-preneur, Jackie recently hired a contractor, is targeting three new markets for expansion, and wants to add more employees, too. With each step forward, Jackie enables herself to focus more on the aspects of business that she really loves. Because enjoying what you do is critical to success as a business owner.

Jackie is just one of the barrier-shattering and driven women business owners in Entrepreneurs Forever. And each is equally dedicated to success and to supporting one another. It makes a difference, says Jackie.

“Those goals and being accountable to the group? Knowing that I'm going to report back on them each month helps me stay focused on the activities that are bringing in revenue,” says Jackie. And, as for her peer group, Jackie admits it’s the best part of the month. “I love it. I love connecting with everyone. It’s really uplifting for me.”

Learn more about Jackie and Sett at https://www.settnanny.com.


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