Donald Robinson
Global Human Performance

With an undergraduate and graduate degree in sports science, Donald Robinson’s passion for coaching is undeniable. But when a job began to lead him in a different direction, he decided getting back on track mean starting his own business.

 “I imagined getting some more experience first and then doing my one thing,” Robinson said. “But you know, the chips fell where they were.”

So, in 2017, he started Global Human Performance to help athletes of all ages compete at a higher level, get in tune with their bodies and feel good for the effort. By launching the business, Robison said he believed he was an entrepreneur. That feeling didn’t last long.

“When it came to the finances and actually having to make money and make money-based decisions, I realized that I was a coach and I had to learn to be an entrepreneur,” he said.

The deeper Robinson got into his busines, the more he realized that he needed help. And one of his greatest problems didn’t come from the outside. It came from himself.

“One of biggest challenges I had starting out was just knowing what I didn’t know,” he said.” And so, I had this tunnel of light that was very narrow. As I walked down the tunnel, I kept tripping and realized there was a lot more darkness around. I had to shine some light on that.”

The illumination came in the form of Entrepreneurs Forever. Robinson said he was no stranger to small-business education, taking part in mastermind groups with other gym owners and coaches. But he found the experience too insular and devoid of broader feedback.

With Entrepreneurs Forever, it was just the opposite. 

“It delivers the opportunity to be in an environment with other entrepreneurs,” Robinson said. “And just learning how other businesses operate from other sectors is important.” 

But he adds that the role of his group facilitator is critical too, effectively helping to coach Coach Robinson.

“My facilitator was helpful in teaching me about strategy, about business, about pricing and about doing it in a way that’s different than how other guy owners operate,” he said. “Without Entrepreneurs Forever, my business would be in a different position.”

Watch Donald’s video to see how Entrepreneurs Forever transformed his business. And how it can transform yours, too.


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