When Shawna Solomon styles professional women, she doesn’t just create their physical look—she fashions their whole brand. Shawna refines an image for her clients’ persona, helping them step fully into their confidence to earn the clients and income they desire. Since Shawna became an award-winning stylist and image consultant, her clients have earned six figures, obtained high-level positions, and exceeded their sales goals. Over her years in business, Shawna has refined her focus and now offers four major services: business courses for fashionpreneurs, corporate trainings, image consulting and quarterly style boxes.

Shawna Solomon styles a client in sleek black jumpsuit
In a last-minute request, Shawna Solomon styles a client with a sleek black jumpsuit. Photo courtesy of Shawna Solomon.

Since 2015, Shawna has traveled all over the U.S. to style CEOs and celebrities in the limelight. Shawna has styled or worked for Wendy Williams; Iyanla, Fix My Life; former Pittsburgh news anchor Darieth Chisolm; Tyler Perry Studios; and the O Network. Shawna ships ten carefully selected pieces to her clients or travels to their TV studios to prepare their looks. Clients can also be styled for a single event, for which Shawna familiarizes herself with her client’s persona and the occasion to select the perfect wardrobe. For the public, the Shawna Solomon Collection features sharp pieces for professional events as well as more casual clothing.

Boutique Academy holds a plethora of information about how to launch and grow a fashion business. Participants can select courses about how to build a solid foundation for their business,  map their profits, and reap six figures.

In corporate trainings, Shawna’s 10+ years of brand and entrepreneurial experience enable corporate teams to take their business to the next level. Her clients learn how to be their own persuasive brand ambassadors, deliver effective sales presentations, improve client experiences and many more vital brand practices.  

Shawna Solomon & Associates is Shawna’s image consulting firm that offers brand consulting, image coaching, and more. Shawna is an expert at helping her clients understand that their business and brand are inextricably tied together. For instance, when businesses understand their target markets, they know how to build more effective processes and position their brand. Shawna helps her clients define their target markets, business goals, and success metrics so they can implement effective strategies.

Shawna Solomon leading a corporate training
Shawna Solomon leads corporate training to help teams take their organizations to the next level. Photo courtesy of shawnasolomon.com.

When Shawna initiated her own rebrand to build the Shawna Solomon business, her Women Rock peer group helped her create a time management calendar. She had no time or money to waste, and her peer group offered much support in perfecting her business processes.

“Coming together with my peers and mapping out certain processes made it so much easier for me to make that transition even though I was still stressed. Having that support system was huge for me.”

Shawna Solomon

Shawna also needed to rebuild her customer base with the CEOs, CFOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurial women whom she wanted to sell to. Through serious legwork, Shawna surveyed professional women in her V.I.P. Facebook group and interviewed women at coffee shops in Pittsburgh. After four months, the data showed Shawna that her ideal clients were buying from brands that exude power and professionalism. Shawna integrated this information to help shape her new brand, first by ditching her old bombshell pink packaging for Shawna Solomon’s sleek, black boxes.

In the midst of her rebrand, an unexpected opportunity to attend a local networking event pushed Shawna closer to her target market. Shawna remembers taking fifty Shawna Solomon business cards with her and praying that she would meet the people who needed her services.

“I had to make it work. I remember going to the event, and there were probably five African American people in that whole room. I thought, ‘Wow, here I am, little old me in the midst of rebranding.’ It was very uncomfortable for me to start having conversations with the CEOs and CFOs there, but I had to combat that fear and make myself known,” Shawna says.

After the networking event, new clients flew Shawna to Los Angeles and Atlanta. Since the event, Shawna has also perfected all four of her major services.

When the COVID-19 public health crisis forced Shawna to close her shop, she revisited her private Facebook group to test the market for deliverable style boxes. She was already offering her clients subscription boxes, but needed to know if the public wanted them too. After opening ten slots for the boxes, they filled in one hour. They officially launched in August 2020 and ship four times a year. Customers can purchase a one-year subscription or pay quarterly.

Join Shawna Solomon’s private Facebook group, Style Initiative, for exclusive access to new arrivals, items and insider secrets. While Shawna’s store is closed for in-person browsing, customers can still shop online. To book Shawna for corporate or personal brand consulting, visit shawnasolomon.com.

Shawna Solomon, Brand Stylist and Image Consultant

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