March 8, 2021

The People’s Photographer

“I love getting to know people, making them feel comfortable, and then capturing images that they’re going to enjoy for years to come,” says Alice Pepplow.

“I love getting to know people, making them feel comfortable, and then capturing images that they’re going to enjoy for years to come,” says Alice Pepplow.

When people see themselves through the lens of Alice Pepplow’s camera, they meet the best versions of themselves. With a keen artist’s eye, Alice captures individuals and couples in their element for wedding and engagement photography, professional headshots, and glamour photography. Based in Worcester, MA, The Imagery Studio offers a full-service photography experience in which clients walk away with personalized photo albums, folio boxes, and wall portraits. During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Imagery Studio is creating a safe and enjoyable photography experience with socially-distanced photo shoots.

For Alice, the best way to capture someone on camera is by getting to know them. Before every photo shoot, Alice meets with her clients to deepen their relationship and learn how they want to be portrayed. For newly engaged couples and partners deep in the stages of wedding planning, Alice captures what they love to do, where they like to spend their time, and their unique relationship story. With a similar approach, Alice sits down with entrepreneurs and business executives who want to use professional headshots in their personal branding. By understanding the message they want to convey and how they will use their photos, Alice is able to capture them in their best light. Women from all walks of life also share personal stories with Alice before their boudoir photoshoots, which may be a celebratory, fun, or vulnerable experience for them (or most likely, a mix). Before they step into Alice’s studio, Alice supplies these clients with a curated guide for clothing ideas and conducts a video consultation.

Photography by Alice Pepplow, The Imagery Studio.

With a foundation of deep trust, Alice coaches her clients through poses that make them look fantastic and build their confidence. Clients do not need any prior modeling experience to have a great photoshoot—all they have to be is themselves. So whether couples and individuals are silly or romantic, nature lovers or urban dwellers, actors or lawyers, Alice translates their personal essence into their photos.

Alice’s process is all about “helping [her clients] see themselves beautifully, without changing who they are.” This approach is especially evident while Alice works with women of all ages and backgrounds for glamour and boudoir photography. As a woman and artist, Alice knows the vulnerability and self-consciousness that can creep up during a photo shoot, since she has experienced the process herself. Her clients may voice criticisms about how their bodies look, and Alice is there to gently remind them—and show them—how beautiful they are as themselves. During one photoshoot, tears welled up in a woman’s eyes when Alice showed her the photos she was taking. Her client shared that she had a physical condition that caused hair loss, and didn’t believe that she could look as gorgeous as she was. Whatever her clients’ relationship with themselves is, Alice bears witness to them and helps them celebrate themselves.

“I always enjoyed working with women and I feel that my forte is directing them on how to look their best. But when I started the boudoir photography, I thought, Wow. This is way deeper than what I thought. It’s not just on the surface or on the physical level. There’s an experience of self-love for a woman here,” says Alice.

Alice coaching a client through a glamour shoot inside her Worcester, MA studio. Photo by Luciana Calvin Photography.

Alice has been working with people through the art of photography since 2004 when she officially founded The Imagery Studio. The inspiration for starting her business came from a mix of experiences and passions. She had moved to Massachusetts from Brazil, where she studied fine arts, and was seeking a job that felt truly fulfilling. A local photography class that began as a hobby led Alice to assisting other photographers and working with individuals. Alice’s standard for herself as an artist and photographer has always been high, and after years of practice, Alice officially took on her own clients. Over the years, Alice has taught photography workshops and continues to grow as an artist. In recent years, Alice became a Certified Professional Photographer and received her Master of Photography Degree and Crafstman Photographic Degree from PPA (Professional Photographers of America), among other awards for image competition (including Silver Photographer of the Year twice).

For more than a decade, in-person meetings have fostered the full-service photography experience that Alice offers. After weddings and photoshoots, clients would be welcomed to The Imagery Studio to relax, view their photos, and pick up their specially designed photo albums. So when the Covid-19 pandemic prevented personal contact, Alice began to rethink the processes that she always thought needed to be done in person.

“Zoom meetings are one of the good things that came out of this whole situation because it forced me to try an alternative, which actually broke a barrier for me. It taught me that my clients aren’t hiring the final product only—they’re hiring our connection and relationships,” says Alice.

Moving forward, Alice plans to continue offering virtual meetings to her clients.

Based on feedback from clients and success with different photographers’ organizations, Alice has felt confident as an artist. But as an entrepreneur making all of her business decisions alone, she experienced uncertainty. When she joined her eforever peer group in 2020, she gained a supportive sounding board for her business ideas and validation for her entire entrepreneurial experience.  

“It’s good to have a support team that you feel comfortable with and connect with. I feel this vulnerability sometimes about being a business owner—there are days where I’m on a roll and things come very naturally and days where I feel stuck. It’s so validating to know that other people go through the same thing that I do. And it’s okay that we’re still learning.”

Alice Pepplow, The Imagery Studio
As part of the full-service photography experience, clients review their photos with Alice. Photo by Luciana Calvin Photography.

In 2021, Alice continues to offer safe, socially-distanced photoshoots in her studio. Folks can get in touch with Alice at or by emailing Sign up for monthly inspiration and updates about the Imagery Studio here, and view all of Alice’s wedding, engagement, headshot, and boudoir photography at

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