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Ready to Use AI for Your Small Business? Try These 15 Tools

Deborah Gallant
April 22, 2024

You’re ready to see what AI holds for your business, right? Brian Slawin, Regional Director of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA, has a suggestion: determine where your biggest challenge is and start by finding a tool that can help you there.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get sidetracked by these bright, shiny tech objects that can take on just about any task imaginable. Realize that you will have to work with AI to help it be successful. But the more you work with AI, the easier it is to get these new tech tools to perform the way you want them to. 

Most AI tools target a specific set of tasks or responsibilities, so once you’ve determined where you’d like a little extra tech help, pick a technology or two to try. And if the one you try doesn’t quite perform how you had hoped, don’t give up. There are plenty of others waiting for you to test them out.

You can start with this list of tools that Brian likes. Enterprise marketing support tools with options for small businesses too Collaborative workspace for PMs, devs, and others to build apps with LLM Sales team role-playing conversations to perfect pitch and messaging for key personas. multi-use, foundational AI for brainstorming, coding, analysis, and more Repurpose and simplify content distribution across multiple social channels Generative AI for repurposing videos for multiple platforms text prompt-based video creation tool with options for user edits Realtime people search for B2B sales leads personalized video enlisting repeatable processes for sales teams website to mobile app conversion tool Short-form, script-to-video creation with advanced, paid features available turns PDFs into chatbots for 1-to-1 customer assistance Custom animated and cinematic videos based on text prompts transcribes, summarizes, searches, and analyzes voice conversations and meetings. create, edit, schedule, and track social media video content with option to record using a clone of you

BTW, if you haven’t watched Brian’s recent Deep Dive on using AI to help your small business (even if you’re not a tech-based business!), you should. It’s a high level overview that provides advice to help you find success and set your expectations.

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